As a big blank paper; that’s how my work starts. To observe, to feel, to think how to do it; three steps for a paint.

Taste that brings you to love things, what you are fond of builds your taste– who knows how the paths of experience cross one and another to create your personal pattern.


Anyway, I basically consider myself as an art director; my work is to catch and bring into contact things all around, let this contact give form to an idea, and to make that idea visible.

Most of my work is developed in collaborations with fashion creators. Everyone can ask for personalized item.

Any request is welcome, it means I have to start a search, sometimes in different places from my usual ones. That does fetch knowledge. Who can ask for more?

So, if you would like to see in the big blank silk sheet some pattern, style, design different from my samples, please, ask me: we’ll find our crossing path.



A large range of fabric and sizes are available. Previously to the painting, a paper sketch has done, and a sample is painted on the chosen fabric.

At this point there is the possibility to adjust colours, pattern, dimension…

Nevertheless, it ought to remember that at the end of the day this is a hand made work, the final piece will never be identical to the sample; it will never be a piece identical to another. Personally, I love this casualty factor.